Elena Gibson is a multi disciplinary movement educator and artist across dance, fitness, health and wellbeing disciplines.  Since 1995, her career has taken her worldwide, travelling to Europe, North America and South America as a professional dancer, choreographer and dance instructor.  Having worked in the dance health and fitness industries for over two decades, her dance background feeds into and inspires her signature style movement based classes.

Elena is the founder of London’s premiere Pole Dancing School, creator of the instructional DVD series “Elena Gibson’s Pole Dancing Technique”, author of the “Instructors Development Courses” certifications, international judge, photo model and mother.  Amongst Elena’s pole dancing career achievements are: first ever crowned as World Pole Dancing Champion 2005, 1st UK Pole Dancing Champion 2005, winner of the “Instructor of the Year 2012” awarded by the International Pole Dance Fitness Association (IPDFA) and amongst the first officially awarded the “Pioneer Award” for the United Kingdom by the PDC.

Working on improving various aspects of the dance community, Elena is a member of the prestigious International Dance Council CID-UNESCO, member of the entertainment trade union Equity since 1995 Canada and 2003 UK, Level 3 member of UK’s REPS and head of the artistic sector of the IPSAF.

Recognised for her specialised expertise Elena has been invited on the panel of judges at numerous competitions, having accepted the following: Miss Aerial Pole Switzerland Germany and Austria 2010, Hamburg, The Irish Pole Dance Championship 2010, Dublin, Pole Art 2010, Stockholm, Aerial Pole International 2011, Bern, Pole Dancing Universe 2011, Denver, The Italian Pole Dance Championship 2011, Rome, Miss Pole Dance Brazil 2011, Curitiba, Pole Art 2011, Helsinki, UK Professional Pole Championship 2011, Birmingham, Aerial Pole International 2012, Bern, Ukrainian Pole Dance Championship 2012, Odessa, World Pole Sports Championship 2012, London, French Pole Dance Championship 2012, Paris, European Pole Dance Championship 2012, Rome, Pole Dance Cup 2013, Warsaw, Australian Pole Dance Championship 2013, Pole Art 2013, Helsinki, French Pole Dance Championship 2014, Paris, Swiss Pole Championships 2015, Geneva, Miss & Mr Pole Dance UK 2015, French Pole Dance Championship 2015, Paris, Pole Art Italy 2016, Milan, Pole Dance Championships 2016, Paris, World Pole Sports and Arts Championships 2016, Florence, World Pole Art Championships 2017, Torino.